Cosmoenergy Healing School of Tatiana Ki
Founder of The International Academy of Energo-Informational Sciences
Dedicated to the scientific validation of energo-informational technologies

Cosmoenergy Healing School of Tatiana Ki
"The Golden Aquarius" (a prestigious Russian national prize)

 A brief introduction to the study of energo-informational flows. A summary of our training programme.

 Introduction to Cosmic Energetics - a practical path to developing physical and spiritual healing powers.

 Examples of experiments which have generated scientific evidence of the existence of the cosmo-energetic channels. Findings of experiments that demonstrate the impact of the energo-informational flows (EIF) on water, bio-objects, and human beings.

 Further discussion of the science and practical application of Cosmic Energetics.

 A summary of the steps our students take as they aspire towards mastery in the practice of Cosmic Energetics.

 Russian Version 

The following pages in the English language are offered as part of our mission to spread the knowledge of Cosmic Energetics to our students around the world who are unable to understand our Russian language content. We are in the process of translating our books and teaching materials into English as well.

"During the last ten years, the Cosmic Energetics method has been spreading throughout Russia and also abroad. People of all ages and religious beliefs have found Cosmic Energetics to be a useful and practical path to developing powers of physical and spiritual healing. My personal path to this method began many years ago as I struggled with my own physical illnesses and spiritual challenges. Having successfully progressed from the condition of a heavily diseased patient to the status of a spiritual disciple, I can say with absolute confidence that the statements you will read about the effectiveness of the method are based on fact and actual experience. It gives me great joy to witness the success of hundreds of my students who have used these techniques to achieve great results in dealing with a wide variety of spiritual and physical complaints." - Tatiana Ki.

During the last three years, the Ki School of Spiritual Growth - together with the Altai State Technical University - has been conducting scientific experiments to determine the impact of energo-informational flows on biological objects, including human beings. A large volume of significant data has been generated as a result of these experiments. Cosmic Energetics as a science and healing practice has proven its validity. There are still many opportunities for additional research into the methods and perspectives of Cosmic Energetics, and we will continue our investigations. Our School seeks to advance the understanding of Cosmic Energetics by supporting programmes for its ongoing scientific study and establishing paths for its practical applications.

The effectiveness or our methods, and our training in the implementation sequence of "the channels" (energo-informational flows, or EIFs) have been validated, subjected to experimental scrutiny, and scientifically verified in the School.

We will consider all serious requests for outside lectures and seminars.

We are located in Moscow, the nearest Metro station is "Novoslobodskaya."
Tel: +74955069315

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 A summary of our training programme  
the cosmic energetics of the scientific and practical trend  discussion application of Cosmic Energetics
practical application of Cosmic Energetics  the science and practical of Cosmic Energetics
practices and technique used by the cosmic energetics

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